From big-data to bedside - Workshop


Practical information


To get the most out of the session, you will need to bring a laptop that can connect to the wireless network with a modern web browser installed. Our workshop works best on Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

In addition, you will need access to a standard terminal program.

For those of you using a Mac computer, you are all set. Your terminal is located at Applications/Utilities/Terminal

For those of you using a Windows machine, please make sure to have installed a software capable of running SSH. Putty is a nice lightweight software that many Windows users prefer. Regardless of your operating system, you can also use the Chrome browser secure shell extension to run SSH.

You will need a basic familiarity with standard linux commands.


I would also like to encourage you to bring gene sets that you may want to query against the Connectivity Map. Signatures should be two files, one for up regulated genes and one for down regulated genes. Each file should have one gene name per line.


Cytoscape 3.2.1 which requires Java 7 or higher will be needed. Then iRegulon plugin is available in Cytoscape apps store (Apps -> App manager -> search for iRegulon -> install).


Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox installed.


No specific requirements